About Taro

About Tarot …  

Importantly, I feel Tarot is not an alternative or substitute for any issues concerning, health, legal or financial matters. Such concerns are best handled by professionals in those areas.

 What Tarot is not …  

It is not a crystal ball. How wonderfully easy it would be if it was! It also does not concern itself with mediumship.  

What Tarot offers …

 I have found that a tarot reading offers the client space to focus wholly on themselves and their lives without everyday interruptions.  It is a chance to concentrate on aspects of their life where the client feels needs change.  

Change it must be understood does not occur overnight often it takes some time. Generally, I work on 18 months to two years framework. But it should be stressed that timings are difficult to pinpoint so I council patience.  

During the reading, the cards offer possibilities and various ways to deal with issues. My role is to see the patterns and interpret to the best of my ability, ways in which situations can be improved. Sometimes when lives are complicated change can only be gradual. It is up to the client as to whether they are willing to make changes in their life and follow the tarot’s advice.  

I am always honest and don’t flinch from saying what I see in the cards. Clients have free will and may subconsciously or consciously choose not to take the options for the cards suggest.   

Faversham, Whitstable. Herne Bay , Canterbury and the South East .